Serosep Ltd

5 Test Kits per box

Rapid reliable and easy to use COVID 19 Saliva Antigen Test providing results within 10mins

Saliva Lateral Flow Test includes all necessary reagents and requires no additional specialist equipment to conduct a successful COVID-19 test in only 10 minutes, this makes the test ideally suited as a quick detection of the risk potential in sensitive areas of clinics, care facilities, test centres, companies, industries, and practices.

Benefits of a Saliva Antigen Test:

  • Dispenses with the unpleasant and sometimes painful and highly invasive nasal swabs
  • Eliminates the close contact with the examiners, reducing the risk of viral exposure.
  • Highly accurate test results with a clinical specificity of 99% with results delivered within 10 mins
  • The painless saliva test for coronavirus offers a faster, easier alternative to throat and nasal swabs

Test Result:

The clinical sensitivity is 90 %, the clinical specificity is 99 %.

 The test consists of:

  • 1 test card
  • 1 extraction buffer tube
  • 1 filter cap
  • 1 funnel applicator

Pack Size:

5 test kits per box. Minimum order quantity of 5 boxes.

Cost per box: €25, Cost per test €5.00

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