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5 Test Kits per box

COVID 19 IgG/IgM Rapid Gold test is an in-vitro diagnosis kit that makes use of immunochromatography method that combines antigen-antibody reaction and chromatography for qualitative detection of COVID19 IgG and IgM in human serum, plasma, venous blood, and capillary blood.

    Test Results:

    The Clinical sensitivity is 100% and the clinical specificity is 97.17%

     Each test consists of:

    • 1 test card - Test card with integrated strips coated with antibodies and antigens (pouch seal)
    • Specimen diluent - Liquid reagent for sample dilution and development
    • Disposable dropper - Disposable dropper for sucking samples and dropping them on Test card
    • User’s manual
    • Lancet - Used to puncture the skin in order to dispense the blood
    • Alcohol swab - To cleanse the tip of the finger before injection and blood sampling

    Pack Size:

    5 test kits per box. Minimum order quantity of 5 boxes.

    Cost per box: €50, Cost per test €10.

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