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About Serosep

Diagnostic Specialists

Belief in providing better diagnostic solutions inspired the founders of Serosep to form the company in 1997, beginning initially with the distribution of carefully selected diagnostics products for Clinical Microbiology, Histopathology and Environmental Laboratories.

Maintaining continuous critical analysis of the best diagnostic solutions available led Serosep to accumulate vast market knowledge. A combination of this knowledge with years of distribution experience to clinical laboratories, enabled us to understand & appreciate the daily challenges faced by laboratory staff. This passion for excellence and dedication to customer care in distribution soon developed into an exciting opportunity for Serosep

The pursuit of higher standards motivated the company to begin its journey in new product development and innovation with the design and manufacture of Histopot, Serosep’s first product, introduced in 1997 and immediately offering a quality Biopsy Fixation Solution to the Histopathology sector.

Precision the water chemistry reagent followed and in 2004 the team’s substantial laboratory know-how and specialism in microbiology provided the foundation for the development of a completely new innovation – EntericBio. Widely regarded at its launch by Laboratory professionals as the most innovative and forward thinking solution for faecal/stool pathogen test kit for bacteria available to their laboratory’s.

Continuous improvements followed with full automation and widespread distribution of the company’s complete product line made available to international markets.

Twenty years on, Serosep continues to constantly seek to improve the quality of patient results and the daily lives of the scientists and the laboratory and hospital professionals with whom it offers easy to use diagnostic solutions. Today Serosep is a thriving company with an active research and design innovation unit as the company grows its team and its product range now sold across five continents with impressive sales in over 30 countries worldwide.